What’s Workplace Conflict Costing your Firm?

Conflict comes in many forms:
* Bad attitudes,
* Cultural issues,
* Diversity conflict,
* Personality clashes,
* and poor teamwork?

How can you lead when your team hates each other?

My name is Brian Moore. I can fix that for you. I have done so for many firms since 2001.

My clients include …

Bank of Zambia, Eskom Distribution – Nationwide, LETCEE – KZN, Interwaste – KZN, Millennium Challenge Account – Zambia, Mbabane City Council, Manzini City Council, Namdeb Diamond Mines – Namibia, Peermont Group – Nationwide, Synexus Stanza – GP, Tanker Services – KZN, US Consul General – KZN, and much more.

I love the work that we do. I am passionate about making a difference.

I have transformed teams from totally opposite ideologies, where pig’s heads are being put on doorsteps, guns are being waved around and charges are being laid at the police station. This means I can make a real change in your workplace.

If your team is not working together then all of you suffer.  Let’s fix that.

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For united, professional and accountable workplace teams – within hours!